12-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

santa finished all gandalf dolls how are you coming with bilbos dildo
older i get more identify with al bundy red foreman sanford dunham old man
2020 calendar does it really matter this year
joey friends starfish mouths middle of bodies mermaids use for bras
website idea input year graduated high school generates list of outdated facts concepts
leaving costco requires more documentation than voting new york california
its now a conspiracy theory to believe immune system capable of doing job designed to do
supreme court declines election challenge chickens democrats
joe biden i won georgia by 4 suitcases

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sarah jackson students wrong late 1900s feelings hurt
tweet wish we could choose baby fathers someone tell her

Quote of the Day

quote wolfgang riebe everyone is gifted but some people never open package

Message of the Day

message red dawn when cops ask rifles rpgs new normal

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