12-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

no reason toddler needs cell phone gun in diaper
cats painting frozen pole meat sauce dog tongues stuck
one is joe biden wooden puppet other walter jeff dunham
diane feinstein menal fitness standards are fine based on joe biden standards
jeffrey epstein this christmas ornament didnt hang itself
listen to science experience economy business and landlords liberal
biden going to defund police seize guns didnt soros tell you not ask any real questions
biden trump get off my lawn swamp grass
babylon bee chinese spy eric swalwell begs to be sent to labor camp instead

Social Media Posts of the Day

parley being libertarian remember dnc cheated hillary over bernie changed ways in 2020
tweet 20 people at joe biden rally but he got 81 million votes

Question of the Day

question never seen alcohol company use drunk person in ads are they embarrassed by us

Message of the Day

message dont argue social media every classroom kid ate paste

Never Give An Inch to These People – It Will NEVER Be Enough

tweet young americans liberty 15 days slow spread flatter curve vaccine masks traveling

Quote of the Day

quote to live under american constitution greatest privilege human race calvin coolidge

The Constitution’s days are numbered if we don’t forcefully put a stop to this madness.

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