12-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2020 almost over december 31 too excited to sleep
not to brag but i can get you on naughty list dr evil
joe biden person of the year hiding basement mask
christmas dinner zoom table 2020
andrew cuomo writes book about successfully beating covid state closes business again never did
they live obey facebook google twitter abc cnn cbs msnbc nyt hillary wash post youtube
california they all left sir exodus come back need to raise your taxes
media fact checkers cheat then tell everyone youre a liar
pelosi now that trump cant win stimulus check business closed for good
us government taking 20 percent life income giving 1200 dollars once were even now bitch

Question of the Day

its been 9 months shouldnt all the non mask wearers be dead by now

Best Argument for Trump — Who Opposes Him

us vs them trump obama soros rinos lebron china hillary media

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet vaginas like gyms rarely inside on pretend know what im doing
tweet zuby politicial philosophy leave me alone dont hurt take peoples stuff far right now

Quote of the Day

quote ralph waldo emerson dont go where path leads go no path leave trail

Message of the Day

message parents sonts transplanted heart beat only one race human race

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