12-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cursing only one bad word taxes anything good for sailors good for me ron swanson
lesbian neighbors misunderstood when i said i wanted to watch
airport security office same picture dynamite water bottle
birds snowflakes kid catching thinking
cat smudge thought of day toilet paper crisis more assholes than we thought
media democrats so good at racism have whites hating whites blacks hating blacks
pelosi government should provide food housing healthcare same things guaranteed to prisoner
trump colluded with russia check out conspiracy nut bag
black lives matter blm yet to receive call biden kamala everyone no way

Remind Anyone of a Nobel Peace Prize Recipient?

time kamala harris joe biden meet duo did nothing to deserve time person of year

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet abby heugel january vs december 2020
tweet kamala harris rejected by black voters selected by oligarchy

Quote of the Day

quote robin williams seize the day one day everyone in room will stop breathing

Message of the Day

message rosa parks first step to changing system stop complying with it

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