12-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2020 2021 toilet paper rolls
darth vader elf shelf find your lack of christmas spirit disturbing choke
if cdc in charge of measuring snow tape measure fence
sign walking back 2 car forgot mask new kind of pissed off
so you impeached guy investigating corruption elected guy doing the corrupting biden trump
wonka keep saying wearing mask killing you how many more months will it take
when they defund police shooting intruders call 811 diggers hotline its the law
tshirt oregon slogan 2020 drugs not hugs dont touch me
guide to petroleum by products fossil fool
teachers good for democracy communist riots looters race hustlers trump bad
mainstream media how do you feel about false claims against you biden family corruption
stimulus you get a billion americans can go fuck yourselves oprah

The Power of Mainstream Media & Big Tech Information Control

question of day amazing democrats know everything about percent biden voters

Quote of the Day

quote society puts equality before freedom gets neither freedom first both milton friedman

Message of the Day

message promise to treat president with same respect treated mine

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet amiri king 2020 wasnt total loss lowered deaths pneumonia heart disease eradicated flu medical miracles
tweet virginia kruta im old enough remember when pelosi called 2500 crumbs 600 stimulus
tweet thomas massie 6 gallons quart of pelosis ice cream can buy with 600 stimulus check

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