12-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

santa you look exhausted spent half the night back to sleigh forgot mask
marijuana legal haircuts not hippies have finally won
sign three sisters park 2020 look both ways hit by airplane
tv programming fear each other terrorism russia truth ideas give us power so we can save you
republicans democrats difference media experience virus sexual misconduct
liberal should wear a mask free country 2021 not election year
scooby doo ghost reveal joe biden china president
christy blasey ford vs bobolnski credibility comparison
cdc people of color should get vaccine first anyone knows tuskegee study hold up
weather todays covid forecast heavy propaganda manipulated stats lies oppression government more tomorrow
covid 1984 hoax lockdowns doing this to protect your health
nancy pork stimulus bill trump whats left for americans
600 dollars will get you 55 gallon drum of tar 10lbs feathers politicians
Babylon bee new evidence die hard first Christmas Joseph Mary

Question of the Day

question how will we know if vaccine is working survival from 99.7 to 99.8 percent

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet justin amash 5500 page bill vote in 5 hours centalized power stimulus bill
tweet rand paul stimulus edible cannibis funding crossfit keto programs

Quote of the Day

quote george costanza not lie if you believe it biden harris smollett russia hoax

Message of the Day

message when governor ignores constitution ignore your governor

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