12-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu when i accidentally step on cats tail when cat steps on my balls smile
sign taking break from mental health focus social media
songs in 80s compared to 2020 body lyrics
joe biden coal in stockings progressive banning it this year
radical left wall democrats georgia plugging damn from bursting
babylon bee hillary clinton trump must stop dangerous conspiracy election being unfair
congress future taxpayer covid relief bill vaccine
hunter biden santa 10 percent for the big guy

Why Do People Continue to Listen to This Deep State POS?

Dr. Fauci Admits to Misleading the Public on Health Information
Dr. Anthony Fauci Meme Gallery

Seems Legit

obama biden trump vote crowd bellweather county comparison

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet art from online love that take out means food dining murder
tweet therapists should give discount if you make them laugh in session

Message of the Day

message no thanks you can keep your new normal and go fuck yourself with it

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell welfare state oldest con take peoples money give small amount back

Other Links That May Interest You

The Perversion of Science – Ben Shapiro
Is There a Vaccine Against Pandering – Ann Coulter
75 Types of Taxes You Pay the Government

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