12-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2020 facemasks 2021 vaccine needle
santa tested positive for covid 19 need list everyplace youve been
Things that sold out 2020 bullets tp john roberts fox news channel
joe biden stealing mans wife speeches money election
charlie brown linus lucy not christmas tree pot
covid relief bill update 2 for 1 mcrib coupon not good in usa
shoutout to parents christmas story chugging wine for breakfast

All in the Deep State Family

Amazon hires lobbyist brother of Biden White House counselor

As Democrats gain more power, expect them to do what they always do–denounce megacap corporations publicly while they put in tax breaks & other policies to help them grow bigger & crush smaller competitors. Why do you think every spending bill needs to be thousands of pages (the “covid relief” one is over 5500 pages)? It’s so they can bury all their special interest payback in mountains of legalese. Both Republicans & Democrats do it, so there is never a big effort to stop the corruption. The next four years are looking great for the Big Tech oligarchs.

pork covid relief bill now add stuffing
santa giving away billions using checkbook taxpayer
democrats republicans swamp deficit spending budget deal
national debt democrats republicans well have it under control when pigs fly

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sarah runnels how is dating not official sport
tweet lindsay theisen in week people born 2000 can by alcohol reason upset

Quote of the Day

quote this nation remain land of free on if home of the brave elmer davis

Message of the Day

message once over with hugging everybody long awkward gonna make it weird

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2 thoughts on “12-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Joe…When is the next book? I loved “Vigilante Terrorists”. Too bad we don’t have them now…

    • Thanks, John! Not sure on the sequel. I’m waiting to see how the plandemic plays out before I come up with the story line.

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