01-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid book things wish mom did less drink wine
cat butt payback dish best served cold
parks recreation of course want to lose weight diet exercise scams
leftist logic people who work privileged out of touch people who complain humble represent america
us government your 600 dresser americans after getting fucked
trump says anything liberals biden blessing from lord
dnc press release darth vader to lead space force biden harris administration
lemmings off cliff something not right for common good
600 dollars will pay for rent no glock yes follow for financial advice
simpsons 2020 throwing out bar 2021 back

In Today’s World, It Almost Seems It Pays to NOT Think Things Thru

pretend push ball what happens stays where it is

Flashback Reminder

flashback remember didnt have 5 billion to build wall but now 700 billion give to other countries

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet not quite dieting yet looking at nutritional info hmmm
tweet mark boss due to virus everybody work from home please i have a family
tweet imagine 20 years 2020 theme attire masks leggings 5 day shirt

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden dont work for you american work for china

Message of the Day

message just because bad idea doesnt mean it wont be good time

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