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01-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Isn’t it interesting how the use of stats changes depending on how the media and Big Tech want to spin a story? For example, if there are incidents of allergic reactions or other severe side effects of a Covid vaccine, you hear, “Don’t worry, it’s only in a very small percentage of recipients. It’s definitely better for your health to take it.” However, if you point out that only 1 in 1000 of young, healthy people experience serious problems for Covid, and after recovery have the antibodies to prevent future infection,” the media screams, “WHAT?! How could you be so heartless?!!! If it saves only 1 life, it pays to sacrifice the quality of life of the entire population and give up our Constitutional rights.”

I’m so glad we have the media and Big Tech censors looking out for us stupid peasants who don’t know how to interpret stats correctly! Thank you all mighty tyrants for taking away our freedom of choice and freedom of thought!

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