01-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

every morning if you could at least pretend work from home that would be great
me seeing posts 2020 affected mental health you guys were ok before
tshirt 2020 still better than first marriage
please stop feeding rinos conservatives everywhere
nancy pelosi womanure chuck schumer manure
every computer system under attack except voting computers completely secure
thought good person left lane slow suggest otherwise
due to covid concerns no parties on campus except communist party
michele obama amen melania trump awoman
joe biden just thanking campaign manager mark zuckerberg
trump home alone viking that way to pelosis office

Big Tech/Democratic Party – Fascists In Sync

tech censoring trump reddit youtube google apple facebook twitter instagram

Amazon Web Drops Parler Over Posts ‘inciting Violence’

This tech censorship is un-American in so many ways. For starters, to hit back, it’s time to find alternatives to these fascist scumbag tech tyrant platforms.

#FreeSpeechMonday and Deplatforming Amerika – Kevin McCullough

1st amendment reboot congress make no law facebook twitter google

Question of the Day

how long until this is illegal propaganda patriot hunger games star wars empire
help me move books to non fiction section 1984 brave new world handmaids tale fahrenheit 451

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet janet forklift skin is glowning from tears
tweet scott fake news powerful election fraud not allowed to check
tweet matt walsh cant think of one republican hasnt denouse capitol hill riot no democrats blm riot

Quote of the Day

quote harry truman once government commits silencing voices repression

Messages of the Day

message when you tear out mans tongue not proving him a liar telling world fear what he might say
if you accept free speech restrictions you didnt have education you had indoctrination

Other Links That May Interest You

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Right-Wing Conspiracy ‘Insane’ — Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories, Not So Much – Larry Elder
Oliver Darcy: CNN’s Lobbyist for Censorship – Brad Slager
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3 thoughts on “01-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

    • UPDATE – The meme of Joe Biden and Zuckerberg got me put in FACEBOOK Jail for 24 hours. I am sincerely very proud of this accomplishment! When I move to Clouthub or some other social media place, I plan to post nothing but anti-Zuckerberg posts on FBook until I leave. Thanks again for this great website!

  1. The list of FB-jailable memes is getting more ridiculous by the day. Thanks Jake, for following the site!

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