01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

it joker clowns 2020 2021 its all yours
tips become better conversationalist what the hell is wrong with you
daughter alexa play let it go radio station cassette boom box
baby yoda 5 year old 35 opening automatic doors
shocking twist cleveland browns pittsburgh win
bon appetit obama biden harris americans 2020 plandemic globalism election fraud socialism pot stove
prefer guns way biden voters untraceable undocumented
babylon bee congress upset they only criminals allowed in capitol

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet konstantin kisin two kinds of people in world people celebrating opponents purge studied history
aoc tweet protester demands make people uncomfortable

Quote of the Day

quote black men for trump racism conversation institutions controlled by democrats

Not Just Enemies of America, They’re Enemies of the World

tweet michael malice democrats maga rallies terrorist activity
apple amazon google twitter facebook strangling free speech

Don’t expect Democrats and their Big Tech allies to do anything the next two years to unite the country or improve the lives of Americans. It will be all about consolidating power and eliminating competition. For starters, they want to outlaw political assembly, keep people at home (using Covid as justification), and cut off any kind of social media communication (as they’ve done with account purges and Parler bans). After conservatives and libertarians find ways around their latest anti-free speech moves, I expect them to try one final step. Although I don’t expect them to succeed at this, many will consider it clear cause for a Civil War, and that is to use browsers & internet service providers to block websites. In other words, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, Comcast, etc. will team up to block any websites or communication they deem undesirable. They’re private companies, with protections like Section 230, so there’s nothing to stop them. And as long as Democrats are in charge, they will fully support this or anything else that helps them enhance their one-party rule. Our Constitution is already teetering on the edge of existence. If they succeed in these final steps I’ve described, you can officially write the epitaph: United States (1776-2021).

breaking paper cups banned fear trump supporters communicating
joe biden antifa just an idea american patriots domestic terrorists
police how many trump supporters did you say hiding in the attic
babylon bee senators vow to hold big tech accountable say mean things
lesson first ban accounts twitter facebook apps infrastructure next isps browser lisa simpson

The Progressive Purge Begins – Derek Hunter

Messages of the Day

message if twitter can do what they want private company every business america should open right now
message if you repeat lie enough becomes truth journalism
message how deep deceit you have to deplatform the truth statue liberty

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4 thoughts on “01-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. This one made me cry. America IS an idea, so it won’t die with us. The constitution is real though and that’s very sad to see its birth and death written out like that. You keep fighting the good fight Joe, we have your back, you’re voice is so important, keep up the good work! Thank you!

  2. I love the meme contrasting Biden’s responses to Antifa with his response to the Trump rallies at the Capital. I personally think that THIS is the appropriate hill for the center and the right to risk dying on. The double standard is so blatantly obvious that it would be laughable if it were so sad and didn’t have such support from big tech and the media.

    The hypocrisy of the left is so obvious that it’s literally hiding in plain sight and the left are such drones and so blinded by their hate for Trump they can’t see it even if they wanted to. The 8 month long terrorism of antifa and BLM are “mostly peaceful protests” but a little skirmish at the Capital by the right is a “riot” (according to the main stream media)??? It’s truly appalling to consider the bias of the left.

  3. Joe, thank you for continuing to do the hard work you do to provide us with some truth, critical thinking, and also some funny stuff. I just wanted to let you know on the tech censorship part: section 230 is for platforms what net neutrality is NOT for ISPs. If the govt repeals net neutrality then the framework for their “censorship” is already there they just have to turn it on and crank it up. Thanks again.

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