01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

aliens watching season opener 2021
need to get back in shape waiting to see if world ends before put in effort
Dreams have meaning barbie gun therapist
realize life better no calories wine bottle
sometimes best therapy long drive good music bj car
north korea kim spent years trying to infiltrate capital viking shirtless guy strolls in
memes on facebook 2021 false information before posts
voted democrat promised to help how foreign aid ron white
eye chart election laws violated media not supposed to cover both eyes
sleepy joe biden blm antifa riots now this violence threat must end now

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mom dad find tolerable woman crazy

Enemies of Freedom

In case you missed it, here are the exact tweets that got Trump permanently banned from Twitter:

trump tweets got him banned american patriots

You’re seeing the perfect example of why ANY kind of censorship is dangerous–it leaves everything to the interpretations of the censorer. I’m guessing that 99 percent of people could read the tweets above and not even begin to take them as some kind of call for violence. That is of course, if you assume you don’t have hired talking slimebags in the media gaslighting half the country into believing they were. “Incitement to violence” — that is precisely the justification used by Twitter, even though Trump and dozens in his administration have issued repeated forceful public statements & tweets saying “no violence, peaceful protests only.” Notice no one in the media is showing full Trump statements, because if they did, most people will either roll their eyes or get more angry at the censorship.

BTW, when Apple, Google, and Amazon pulled their coordinated fascism move on Parler, they didn’t just silence Trump, they cut off 30 million people, simply because they were perceived to be Trump supporters. Sure, there probably were a few people calling for Capitol attacks on there (or there were posts planted to say so), but there is zero chance you’re ever going to stop that entirely on any social media platform.

Picture this scenario–a few tweets were found that called for Black Lives Matter riots and violence, so Twitter and Facebook decided to ban accounts of 30 million black people, with all black charitable cause apps banned from the Google and Apple app stores. Do you think there would be any outrage? However, because we’re talking about conservatives & libertarians, there is no violation of Constitutional rights too great, regardless of what public justification is used.

twitter banned trump google suspended parler december 2020 january 1984
obama vader last remants of the old republic have been swept away
big tech denounce trump by going full fascist
tweet once upon time 80 year old man no campaign elected shutup or you will be deplatformed

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech – Edward Ring

Messages of the Day

message according to watch time for civil disobedience
message psa trump supporters dont worship him constitution free speech wont be silenced

Quote of the Day

quote message tried to bury us didnt know there were seeds mexican proverb

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