01-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat let me just set this before i fuck these two up rottweilers
coronavirus covid not coming for target walmart costco small business yes
people i piss off on internet met sticking tongue out fence
this year cant be worse than last one angry lad smudge cat viking
ctrl alt delete google twitter facebook zuckerberg dorsey
have to keep checking 2020 calender actually ended impeachment riots division
i double dog impeach you
facebook twitter amazon google youtube spotify apple cnn stabbing american flag
breaking news for first time all year cnn msnbc report on violence
cat in hat i will not wear on face place chin do not ask
babylon bee conservative mental health up 300 percent after all banned from twitter
canada russia china europe cheering usa fighting
mainstream media amazon twitter democrats apple facebook google sharks statue liberty
iran cleric austere religious scholar old woman domestic terrorist
trump metal when you get impeached twice taking on dc swamp creatures

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet antifa cnn jade sacker team up storm capitol blame trump
tweet emerald robinson protest at capital suddenly invalidate all election fraud concern

It’s Joe Biden’s Economy Now, So They Can Stop Purposely Tanking the Economy

tweet andrew cuomo opening economy graph

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot says restaurants and bars need to be allowed to reopen ‘as quickly as possible’

Quotes of the Day

quotes of the day lynch cuomo ayanna harris pelosi waters trump

Message of the Day

message due to personal reasons drinking agin this weekend

Other Links That May Interest You

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