01-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when people ask dumb question feel my duty give sarcastic answer
how make friends online trainwreck people like to watch
fresh prince will smith 2019 2020 2021
welcome to united corporate states of america do as told google facebook cnn democrats
cow says moo cat saws meow sheep says wear a mask teacher
lex luthor explaining parler ban destroy superman jeff bezos
joe biden iran nuke torque wrench
lotr covid ban shot blood dying
fascistbook triggered pinkoist instalib leffist ourtube big tech
nancy pelosi 25th amendment joe biden dog
china soldiers unity thats how they will heal the nation
coronavirus covid is mutating soviet socialist
heads up weirdos in group satanic naked ritual didnt show up
luke obiwan you found in the meme wars i was shitposter before dark times tech censorship
babylon bee study humanity only few more bans away from good opinions on internet

Question of the Day

question why wont medi show exact words trump used to incite a riot

Lesson of the Day

patient cured is customer lost chalkboard

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet scott hanselman 2020 hopeful so young

Quote of the Day

quote 1984 george orwell every record has been falsified or destroyed nothing exists except to benefit the party

Message of the Day

message wolf if you kick me down you better pray i dont get up

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