01-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

caption floyd tripping galls put down gun bear hunter
kermit cdc disinfect places touch most dont do it it burns
joe biden cabinet fill back up dc swamp
teacher bill of rights questions if feel scared none matters right
xx feel confident in election results national guard capitol shut down impeach potus block social media blame qanon
chalkboard todays socialist americ only way conservatives can communicate
joe biden will you be at inauguration trump yes twisted tea
trust me pinocchio wooden dick talk of town
zuckerberg dorsey facebook twitter can deny anyone in operations manual 1984 orwell
willy wonka joe biden found way to get 20000 spectators national guard
babylon bee joe biden sworn in copy of communist manifesto
why didnt biden request social workers instead of soldiers with guns
stop sending me dick pics one last one andrew chris cuomo

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet small tony women to therapy rather than punching walls
tweet arianna bradford defining moment parenting career
tweet kid kubed ice freezer home schooling
tweet mary fairy twat waffle

Message of the Day

message key to happiness low expectations lower there you go

Random Thoughts of the Day

Expect several false flag operations to take place during Biden’s inauguration, funded by George Soros, the DNC, foreign governments, and other American enemies. I expect plenty of hired thugs disguised as Trump supporters to destroy property and start violent acts, with a mainstream media camera at the ready to film each incident from the perfect angle. If you see such people, first of all, film them yourself so we can match them up to past BLM/Antifa rioters and also to show the full actions rather than the selectively edited shots the media will use. Second of all, stop them if you can. Nothing is accomplished by innocent people getting hurt or having their property destroyed. It’s what the media and Deep State want, and showing Trump supporters stopping the rioters kills their narrative. Lastly, don’t get caught up in the anger & violence. People do things when they’re in groups that they would never do alone. There are better ways to fight back against these fascists. Our time will come.

BLM Activist Who Infiltrated Trump Supporters and Led Capitol Riots is Arrested, Charged
Antifa Meme Gallery

Quotes of the Day

quotes trump best yet to come biden worst yet to come

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