01-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

flu gone people sticking to rules covid rising nobody following
todays homeschool lesson fractions glasses wine
yoda gremlin baby grogu talk show
democrats screening national guard had extremist symbol on shoulder us flag
america is free nation change my mind cops arresting free speech
biden swearing in ceremony death star troops
do you know why pulled over driving while conservative parler amazon google
zuckerberg dorsey facebook google nazi uniforms
fast food garbage for your body mainstream media for your mind
left people refuse silence obvious truth cancel defense only prosecution
joe biden speaking behind barb wife fence military

Lesson of the Day

lesson complicity theorist accepts narrative prone to submissiveness public shaming of free thinkers

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet danielf bostic remove president leading real insurrection
tweet hank wade too bad didnt have 25000 troops innocent businesses destroyed
tweet chris stigall joe biden no one attends if i was hologram would believe you

Quote of the Day

quote of day can we really trust national guard most are while mails

Message of the Day

orgasms healthist forms of stress release when i tell you go fuck yourself because i care

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