01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

same idea different designs mousetrap wedding ring
sign 2022 gonna be my year for sure
whose line is it anyway pickup line in space black hole
american pravda good citizens only watch approved news media cnn cbs abc fox nyt washington post democrats
why covid doesnt affect amish dont have tv
democrats open economy couldnt go to polling centers virus served its purpose
which riots should be condemned conservatives vs media
legal votes for joe biden compared to illegal
how it started voter fraud cover counting hows it going soldiers guarding
joe biden swear karl marx steal election influence peddling infrauduation
<babylon bee joe biden winw nobel prize first day president/a>
biden departs for arlington national cemetary that was fast

They Can Finally Stop Pretending

Biden Administration: Yes, We Are Following Through With a Fracking Ban

Pennsylvania Dem Voters: WTF? You mean Biden & Harris bald-faced lied just to get votes in a critical swing state?
75 Million Trump Voters:

face palm

Reminder: Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook removed video montages of Harris & Biden promising to ban fracking in the Democratic primaries, and any hints of posts saying they would ban fracking were “fact” checked: False. It’s the world we now live in. Or should I say, the world of make-believe half the country lives in. Oh, and as for you crazy conspiracy theorists…

The WHO Finally Updates Its COVID-19 Testing Policy…One Hour After Biden’s Inauguration

Question of the Day

question if you see to it trump supporters never work again where will welfare money come from

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ryan fournier amazon bans parler allows kill all republican tshirts
tweet breaking over 100 people died so far from covid due to biden handling of virus

Quote of the Day

quotes how it started mlk joe biden you aint black

Message of the Day

message once erase trump business usual dc that is how you got trump

Other Links That May Interest You

Sue Jack Dorsey, Save Freedom – Kevin McCullough
Aaron Rodgers Drops a Truth Bomb About Politicians’ COVID Hypocrisy

3 thoughts on “01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The last meme is the absolute truth. Trump did NOT start a movement. Trump was simply the front man for a growing disgust with the Washington and GOP establishment that was highlighted in part by the underhanded moves against Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and other candidates in the GOP, all to elevate McCain and Romney, the Deep State’s candidates, to the nomination. Couple that with the massive spending, endless pointless wars under Bush, and the spineless behavior of republican “leadership” in the face of Obama and even Clinton, and its pretty easy to see why a complete outsider like Trump, who spoke the populist sentiment, did incredibly well against hacks like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Simply watching the establishment’s response to Trump likely boosted his appeal with those on the fence. None of that appeal has waned. Demonizing all of those who voted for him and continue to find utter disgust with the DC establishment, will only make things worse in the end.

  2. Waiting for them to try reprogramming us. They have no idea how resistant strong minds are. They’ve only managed to indoctrinate the weak minded. We’re ready!

    • Bob. You got through K-12, college, and decades of non-stop MSM bullshit and still figured out what is right and what is wrong. Even now you are still able to see through the bullshit on Fox. Nothing they can do will ever change that. Once you’ve taken the red pill, there is NO going back to the Matrix….no matter what agent Smith promises you. That goes for all of us freedom lovers (I reject the term Trump supporter as I don’t think it actually applies to all the millions who voted AGAINST Hillary and Biden).

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