01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

here it clearly shows sex more important than meal watching porn more important than running for life
nurse shot boob sometimes admit time to retire
white privilege being called racist from people that only see your color
biden voter clown juggling covid election rigging
babylon bee trump critized denouncing incoming adminstration instead of spying obama
joe biden plan make america california blackout socialism high gas
carving statue already offended tear it down
how left wins arguments fact trump supporter free stuff maga censored
biden arrives in dc chinese handler behind him
joe biden violating own executive order masks

Extension of the American Communist Democratic Party

trump gone cnn removes covid death toll counter
npr covid death rate comparisons before after joe biden inauguration

I’m sure “official” Covid cases & deaths will now fall dramatically, and vaccine distribution will suddenly be fast and efficient. BTW, how do you know the vaccine was or wasn’t already being distributed quickly under Trump? You don’t.
It’s simply the narrative created by the media pre-inauguration. There is no such thing as news or journalism in America anymore. It’s all about the mainstream media, Deep State, and tech billionaire oligarchs deciding what will be the talking points each week.


DC Swamp-Appointed Judges Aren’t a Check-and-Balance

Federal Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein Dismisses Parler’s Bid to Make Amazon Restore Services. In the history of antitrust law, has there EVER been a more obvious political, coordinated, collusive hit job on a company? Why even have antitrust laws if not to fight back against the exact intent of the laws?

babylon bee skynet private company can do what it wants

College “Free Speech” Summarized in One Poster

college free speech wall see for approval

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet john cardillo problem red state voters staying home
tweet tom woods nationwide crackdown free speech biden unity image of future

Quote of the Day

quote government of the dc swamp shall not perish from the earth

Message of the Day

lisa simpson inciting violence empty buzzword people responsible for own actions

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2 thoughts on “01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Just wait until the PCR cycles are clandestinely reduced to a more appropriate level like 25 or 30, and the case rates begin plummeting. They were put at 40+ SPECIFICALLY to create this “casedemic” we have been facing for 10 months, all to justify shutting down the economy, destroying the economy, creating more government-dependent slaves, justifying mail-in ballots, and otherwise setting the stage for the CCP takeover of our country via a stolen/rigged election.

    If you haven’t put all the pieces together yet: Planned viral release > China lockdowns as precendent for rest of world > Questionable tests created by globalist bigPharma companies > Ramped up PCR cycle numbers to create 80+% false positives > selective lockdowns to destroy small business in favor of globalist government-protected businesses > push for mail-in ballots > artificially elevated death numbers from counting every death as Covid > massive numbers of pre-printed absentee ballots magically showing up in the middle of the night > restricted observers because of “social distancing” rules > blackmail or similar against sufficient legal actors to shut down any challenges to election theft > Antifa/BLM infiltration of peaceful capitol protest to create modern-day “Reichstag Fire” justification for newly installed “Nazi” regime to go after all truth supporters > magical reduction in death and case numbers as PCR cycles are reduced and truth is finally told regarding deaths > all players suddenly come to aid of Biden when they purposely withheld assistance to Trump > mainstream media tells new set of lies to promote Biden as “conqueror of Covid,” ……then you need to go back and look more closely at 2020 and the past weeks of 2021. Tinfoil hats will be available for sale in the lobby. LOL

    • Oh, and of course all those same things have been done elsewhere on the planet to set the stage for the WEF’s “Great Reset,” but then know that they needed to subdue the US first so the other nations would see no hope in rising up against this planned globalist takeover.

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