01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

son 99 pounds nachos he is chosen one
nurse does it hurt say new normal will punch again
book how to pretend to be indoctrinated to stay out of reeducation camps
trump winning election vs biden stealing election inauguration
face mask replaced with knee pads next 4 years
joe biden swear to bring unity soldiers dear leader
joe biden making national guard sleep in parking garage
cancel culture targeting my pillow guy
republicans democrats why do we keep digging debt deficit so can dig more
bernie sanders mittens old men muppets balcony mask
bernie sanders mittens gulag
bernie sanders mittens basic instinct legs
bernie sanders wrestler mittens inauguration
bernie sanders once again asking you to stop using me in meme

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mommy owl 2020 vs 2021 resolution family
tweet nate armbruster technology still use chains to measure first down
tweet catturd democrats keystone pipeline

Quote of the Day

quote samual adams interests of tyrants reduce people to ignorance vice cannot live virtue knowledge prevail

Message of the Day

Let’s remember these Trump backstabbers haven’t been advocating 3rd party alternatives; they’ve been pushing for Hillary, Biden, and other socialist Deep State swamp creatures.

message rinos liz cheney upton newhouse rice valado

The Lincoln Project Members
List of Republicans Who Opposed The Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign
List of Republicans Who Opposed The Donald Trump 2020 Presidential Campaign

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