01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gilligans island bottle stay where you are us has gone crazy
woman gynecologst says no sex for 2 weeks what did your dentist say
were not trying to imply levine mcconnell not in same room same time
joe biden opening floodgates illegal immigration dam
toy story democrats dont want to play with covid 19 anymore
joe biden made in china barcode not my president
joe biden i ask every american unity even 74 million whate supremacist trump supporters
usa soldiers dragging arresting statue of liberty
2016 star wars new hope 2020 swamp strikes back 2024 maga trump return
media sniffing joe biden
only news in soviet union pravda people still knew truth opposite what told
from now on everything better trump mcenamy biden devine
democrat riots fine map of usa dc this is coup
democrats department of deprogramming no longer care about freedom boarder security private property fair elections.jpg biden
hangover biden whats going on union jobs foreign oil glass ceiling cnn big labor georgia fucked up

Something Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

domestic terrorist confederate flag kevin seefried registered democrat

It’s What You Should Expect When You Elect a Party That Hates Its Own Country

day 2 biden harris stimulus checks pay foreign countries america last is back

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet oselevator darwin didnt consider world where dump people have more kids
tweet mehgyverolder witches fairy tales kill anyone bothers in woods

Quote of the Day

quote trump paris accord never designed to save environment kill economy send money to worst polluters

Message of the Day

message most basic form of mind control is repitition repeat a lie brainwashing

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2 thoughts on “01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Tom Reiber are all on a sinking ship that is about to submerge. Who gets saved?


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