01-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

be nice to fat people may save your life bear chasing
women communication is key men whats wrong nothing goodnight
joe biden i created 1 job in 47 years it was for hunter
big tech mccarthyism are you or have you ever been trump supporter
gop bike ignoring election fraud why did our party fail
joe biden cap make china great again
joe biden translating campaign promis editing bill taxpayer
big bird brother is watching you twitter shadow banned censorship
joe biden impeach trump handing to pelosi
congrats to biden victory lance armstrong tour de france lori loughlins kid stanford
chuck schumer when moments right cant incite an erection pelosi
bernie sanders inauguration i was told there would be free stuff

Lesson of the Day

signs of gaslighting manipulation blatant lying constant coverups defend reality
gaslighting doesnt exist you made it up cause youre crazy media

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet history essays 2053 explain memes coping corona virus 2020

Quote of the Day

quote government fear us or we fear government tyranny thomas jefferson

Message of the Day

message you crush man family supporters every day 4 years want unity now hypocrisy kiss my ass

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