01-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2020 is over 2021 dog bite balls
pandemic safety precautions economic reset medical police state corporate media your dumb ass
support group here today because addicted to violating facebook community standards
joe biden for sale contact china for pricing sign
kamala harris book from deep throat to deep state
plan for covid national guard 2 + 2 joe biden cmon man kamala harris cackle
loan not approved conservative trump supporter
womens track and field competition biological males not fair bigot
porn hub interracial couple fuck entire nation biden harris
democrat governors minute biden sworn in throwing coronavirus out car
trump bernie mittens watching everyone voted for biden regret their votes

Question of the Day

question democrats people republicans big business who supporting who

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet prageru lie of systematic racism hurting blacks

Quote of the Day

quote trey gowdy talking about fraudulent voting acts treasonous

Messages of the Day

message fraud joe biden not my president not a president
message covid nothing about nutrition good habits all mask vaccines political pimps

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