01-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog my face see driving with mask on
last 3 presidents chocolate white milk orange juice
apparently third option between burial cremation wood chipper
nbc in news today more shit we made up
wonka tell me again how virus escaped level 4 biolab but youre going to stop with daisy print home made mask
socialism so popular climb barbed wire fence risk being shot
harriet tubman believed in freedom guns for all biden you aint black
true source of pandemic corporate media spewing propaganda
newsome california lockdown recall open up
babylon bee bankrupted hedge fund managers to receive 600 stimulus
get rid of apps cant let people know money isnt real ameritrade robinhood
big bird gamestop sitting amonst tesla amazon reddit fortune 500 company
week 1 robinhood 75 million domestic terrorists citizen trump ted cruz murder aoc

Tip of the Day

If you see any images referencing Babylon Bee articles on this website, you can click on the image to go to the story. They’re hilarious. Satire, but still more true to life than MSNBC and CNN reports.

No One Could Have Predicted This

Biden Commerce Secretary: Sorry Folks, We’re Raising Taxes to Pay for Climate Policies, Including On Lower/Middle Classes

In Case You Were Still Unclear About Biden Admin’s Priorities

Justice Department investigating Elon Musk’s SpaceX following complaint of hiring discrimination…of non-citizens
9/11 Mastermind and Other Gitmo Detainees Prioritized for Covid Vaccine

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet steve deace main accomplishment trump know who everyone is

Quote of the Day

quote tucker carlson only way going to live in free country act like it

Message of the Day

message chin up biden popularity already low dropping dems cant win without cheating

Other Links That May Interest You

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One thought on “01-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. With BLM being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, anal swabs now being promoted for testing for a respiratory illness, a company that claimed it was “for the little guy” (Robinhood) doing everything it can to screw the little guy and protest the billionaires (the Sheriff of Nottingham if you will), suggestions that now two, three, and even four masks might finally do the trick and stop the spread of the virus, and so much more, sites like the Bee and the Onion are rapidly being outdone in the outrageous humor category. When reality and parody can no longer be distinguished, the end must surely be close at hand. Good luck everyone. This site of course will always be outrageously funny as you mock it all…..thanks!!! And remember, government is not now and has NEVER BEEN your friend or something you should actively or even passively support if possible.

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