02-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cow meat packer sign i see mr conspiracy theory at it again government
linus charlie brown gun new security blanket
mirrors 7 years bad luck condoms pathetic
put on some masks bigot youre killing grandma
big fauci is shaming you hazmat covid
out of hall of fame pete rose gambling curt schilling having opinions
barack obama wizard of oz pay no attenteion to man behind biden curtain
nancy pelosi joe biden usa sold to man with hammer and sickle
overnment shoots literally anything tragedy give us more power and money
voting liberal planting tree to hang noose
long story short not allowed sunbath nude apartment building shadow
cnn 3 masks 12 494 could be effective
joe biden house of cards what could go wrong executive orders
babylon bee biden all female communication team
andrew cuomo state of florida realtor of the year

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

cant make up dc officials erect security fence same week ended border fence

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sm phoenix sexually identify as microwave dinner
tweet geoff norcott wife amazon delivery guy by name two reasons
tweet pesky aubrie beautiful blond cherry vs entire banana in mouth
tweet boy no president notification lyft driver deaf text him passengers dont talk

Quote of the Day

quote aoc ocasio cortez federal government fund deprogramming conspiracy theorists

Message of the Day

message when are we going to say enough free speech bill of rights

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One thought on “02-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Since Alexa, etc. are basically just back doors for the government to spy on everyone that has one, aren’t we already, in some way, “quartering troops” in our homes (well, not MY home….I would never willing purchase bigBrother and bring him home in that form. Its bad enough having the cell phones and computers in the house (cameras covered, GPS turned off). And given the hundreds of military bases all over the nation, isn’t the nation already infested by government troops in ways that we already know disrupt the local economy, create problematic situations surrounding those bases, and create a legislative “dependency” on their presence? Just saying. Maybe the whole thing is moot at this point.

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