02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

back to normal not watching tom trady in super bowl
nothing says leave me alon eternity fence around headstone gravesight
angry lady cat smudge ghostbusters slimmed
joker burning stack money about sending message wall street hedge funds redditers
babylon bee portland erects statue in honor of antifa tear downs
joe biden wrecking ball us economy miley cyrus
press corps whores chris wallace jake tapper chuck todd joe biden charlies angels
me laughing every time biden voter gets screwed over
family guy joe biden economic plan balloon
fence covid mask double triple oh no
big tech running over conservative speech
to keystone cancellation saudi arabia russia toast
anythony fauci dr just wear the whole box of facemasks
wall street poor people using own strategies against them dumb dumber cant double stamp

But There Is No Deep State?

julian assange info government corporations zuckerberg privacy you money man of year

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet not leftists remembers americans complaining small stimulus invest 1 percent
tweet remember senators corona stock trading nothing reddit change whole market
tweet max miller dont understand stock stuff bernie forrest gump

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein world is dangerous people see do nothing

Message of the Day

message stand up for what you believe even if you stand alone

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