02-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cans cant be trusted kid crib catapult
aliens seeing humans finally consent to mass anal probing
dr faucis father should have worn two condoms
joe biden dumping 80000 energy jobs radical 3rd obama term
did they lock up epstein co conspirators no everyone else on planet
biden staff relax government health experts here
kids forrest covid less effective failing socialization
cancel culture pillow over dissent
dropped my immune system facemask
liberal crying stop posting things go against what see on tv conspiracy theorist
obama biden dont work for ucions fired 20000 first day in office suckers

What Happened to “Follow the ‘Science’?”

Biden Sides With Teachers Unions Over His CDC Director on School Openings

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet maryfairy autocorrect save my muffin shave husband

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul americans masks form of psychological manipulation tyranny

Message of the Day

message nation of sheep results in government of wolves

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