02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

internet explorer first case of coronavirus reported be careful
bill belichick watching tom brady superbowl without him
groundhog still more accurate weather than climate scientists
cops penis formation for biden thanks motor sergent
babylon bee marilyn manson runs for office to shake off abuse allegations
clean up biden shit 1619 project howard zinn critical race theory brainwashing
hungry hungry hypocrites unify executive order covid rules democrats
bacteria pneumonia watching you wear 3 facemasks
coming soon gas pump near you joe biden kamala harris
babylon bee helpful biden press secretary psake gives reporters list of questions to ask her
aoc i was murdered cops

Flashback Reminder

flashback remember when democrat protesters stormed us capitol media double standards

Sure, It Was a “Fair and Free Election”

donald trump guns pointed at media deep state big tech

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jessie welcome to adulthood same password 1000 variations
tweet mommy owl 10 minutes scrubbing shadow everything fine

Quote of the Day

quote donald trump either go down in history as patriot or pussy

Message of the Day

message society so fake truth bothers people

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