02-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

love to see when someone puts down phone live in moment crying
gamestop when stock wars over try to sell old game 40 cents
babylon bee jeff bezos to use new time to bulldoze small businesses personally
aoc i almost died looking at trump crowd through telescope
he who lives without capitalism let him cast first smart phone
mash radar joe biden what am i signing dont worry
they still have trump sign nazi secret police
joe biden deeper far left agenda debt digging
joe biden can hear science its safe to open the schools
aoc they live glasses jussie smollett

“Science” Update

My wife works as a nurse in a surgery center. Most of the nurses are either vaccinated, or they’ve had & recovered from Covid. The patients must test negative and self-isolate the days before surgery. Despite all this, the staff of her place was just reprimanded for not using masks and keeping them on patients 100% of the time. I know condescending liberals love to use “science” as a club to destroy the freedoms we used to have, but ignoring for a minute the ineffectiveness and immorality of facemasks, let’s think about this. Did you ever imagine we’d live in a world where not only do we force facemasks on healthy people, but we also facemask healthy people who’ve tested negative and have antibodies against the infection? And all this for an infection with a 99+ percent survival rate. Does any of this sound like “science” to you?

As with “settled science” of climate change, any real scientists or medical professionals who speak out against Covid ridiculousness are simply censored, or even worse, have their licenses or their careers threatened. We’ve entered another dimension of insanity!

i saw you today you did say hi facemask flogging glasses
serious question wear mask forever or just until masters say you can remove chain collar

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mom yesterday husband activities kids hole in yard

Quotes of the Day

quote trump we are americans never back down give in up
quote ill have to circle back to you on that biden press secretary

Message of the Day

message maybe weve kept joe busy writing name for week move to shapes colors

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