02-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

facebook deleted profile picture again twins
no cats innocent until proven guilty cop car
baby every time cry stick tit in mouth love life
before after white house press secretary chucky
babylon bee concerning survey finds people believe snopes legitimate fact checking website
press do you swear defend joe biden from any criticism
joe biden pulling riickshaw china president george soros
leftist logic democratic socialistist need to take care of those escaping
babylon bee aoc claims two men maga hats threw economics textbooks
kamala harris grim reaper just biden time
aoc ocasio cortez 100 percent certified drama queeen

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet matthew wife mad got wrong kind frozen yogurt
tweet yospe wear clown mask to bed in case kod nightmare

We Can’t Emphasize It Enough

Every time Joe Biden, state governors, or government agencies unconstitutionally dictate new rules, it only sets a precedent of more power in future leaders to unlawfully do whatever they want.

joe biden executive orders first week in office

Where Did The CDC Get Authority To Require Americans To Wear Facemasks?

quote if you let government break law emergency will create to do so
quote government loves pandemics same reason as war impose controls on population otherise wouldnt rfk jr

Big Business Siding with Democrats and Censorship? No Way!

chase bank cancel covfefe coffee wont process payments pro trump coffee brand

Message of the Day

message just remember people who told you dont need guns wall surrounded by them

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