02-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

canada you guys okay han were fine
not sure if i should peel m&m sticker bj
snow in north compare to south accidents
aoc ocasio cortez office theyre same antifa lady capital protests
dr seuss things put up ass if you say anything about a fucking mask
planet only has 9 years john kerry private jet hypocrisy
democrats great handbook communist manifesto prefer 1984
bus no evidence widespread election fraud time magazine train
we are special kind of species social distancing airports 30 minutes later
adam schiff tinfoil hat republican conspiracy theories

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet matthew levy america health care system expensive 2004 dell

Warning to Fascist-Enabling RINOs

rinos warning liz cheney reelect poll

Quote of the Day

quote left you are racist because member of bad race

Message of the Day

message we now live in nation doctors destroy health governments freedom press information

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