02-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

harley boys electric wedgie
randy marsh apocolypse we expected what we got stimulus checks
viagra for women pharmacist jewelry store across the street
does it count saving life by not killing them
if pakistan can afford nuclear missiles can pay for own gender studies
joe biden this place runs itself china hunter kamala
if ok to impeach former presidents how about bush clinton obama
babylon bee pelosi announces preemptive impeachment candace owens
joe biden press secretary see nothing know nothing hogans heroes
coronavirus didnt know sick thanks government

Quote of the Day

quote denzel washington respect for police

Random Thoughts of the Day

Out of all the anti-freedom Covid controls put in place for the last year, can you think of one where leaders didn’t specifiy some arbitrary time frame to get the people to accept it (15 days to slow the spread, 30 day mask mandate, 45-day lockdown, etc.)? Of course, the Ruling Class-appointed president, Joe Biden, continued the trend with his promise, “It’s just 100 days of wearing masks, not forever!” Is there one single person reading this who really believes the forced masking will end after his first 100 days? We now have three vaccines out and two more on the way. The next goalpost move will be some Fauci-dictated vaccine percentage of the country, which will NEVER be reached because 40+ percent of the country won’t take it for various reasons: 1) perceived virus side effects & potential dangers, 2) they’ve already recovered from Covid & have the antibodies, or perhaps the biggest reason — 3) why bother when Covid has a 99.7% recovery rate for healthy people, and even if we all get it, we’re still forced to wear masks and curtail our freedoms indefinitely?!

tweet matt holliday went from 15 days to slow spread communism or deprogrammed
china anal swabs conspiracy theorist
afghanistan iran usa transformation masks

12 Lessons Learned from Covid-19

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cant handle dog cardboard audience
tweet news channel impacts of pandemic government destroying society

Message of the Day

message mainstream media job not tell truth make sure dont find out bad for business

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