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02-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Vote These Unprincipled POS’s Out of Office Already

Meet the Seven Republicans Who Voted to Convict Trump

This isn’t about Trump anymore. This is about Deep State Establishment politicians ignoring the Constitution and basic free speech to punish a political enemy who threatens their power. There wasn’t anything remotely close to an impeachable offense, no matter how many times corrupt politicians utter their hypocritical nonsense. Are we going to invent some new impeachable offense from now on every time someone is elected President who doesn’t join the DC swamp? Great job Democrats on uniting the nation! Such a useful, healing way to spend time and taxpayer money to launch your new regime! And great job also to the RINO brigade! By all means, don’t go against your party when they throw away their principles of limited government by spending the country into bankruptcy, but ignore your party and the Constitution if you can get back at someone you don’t personally like.

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Gina Carano Hits Back, Announces New Movie Project With Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire: “They Can’t Cancel Us If We Don’t Let Them”

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