02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

great run lost 152 pounds severed arm bear
parenting old school fork outlet wont do again archie bunker
when little guy unresponsive cpr
wont pay student loans not our kid usa taxpayer
joe biden want you illegal immigrants climbing wall
evolution of man ape to human to sheep
social issue humor social commentary banned by facebook
senate gop easy to identify no spine
charlie brown everyone gets a trophy bike helmets stupid should hurt
kids tired of missing school teacher unions covid outbreak
democrat house of nothing burger peach mint 2 peacefully protest
al gore all snow will be gone arctic 2013 snow beaches texas 2021

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet donald trump jr mcconnell righteous not for democrats
tweet record dea meth bust enough not stimulus checks hoping for but will take
tweet admiral ackbar its a trap fact check empire plans to care for whole galaxy

You Can’t Fix Stupid

minneapolis defunding police news headline results

Quote of the Day

quote generation emotionally weak people watered down truth offensive

Message of the Day

message will never unite with joe biden criminal party

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