02-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Covid-19 Facemasks Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

minions parenting hack take away charger watch phone dies
helicopter burning jet fuel to deice clean energy wind turbine
gina carano get fired for voicing conservative opinion disney no right to free speech
dont care know what saw car girl spread legs
mainstream media liberals bowing no reading or thinking for yourself
my road looks like this broken so pakistans gender programs can look like this rockets
passing of federal reserve act bank debt 1913 monopoly printing money
shocking after effects covid 19 fascists oligarchies new world order
open borders closed schools bidens america
impeach 45 same old bat pelosi
greta thunberg when green energy fails need coal oil so dont freeze to death.jpg

In Case You Missed It

fire extinguisher lie capitol police new york times story lie

How many corrections or apologies have you heard from the mainstream media swamp creatures?

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet ny subway system no benches screw homeless

Quote of the Day

quote woman do what you want minions

Message of the Day

message mask perpetuating lie giving freedom takeoffdamnmask

Ho Hum…Another Day of the Left Destroying Free Speech in America

Major Pro-Life News Site Banned Permanently On YouTube
‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Talked Back To Cancel Culture And Got Cancelled For It


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