02-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

is spring coming soon up will thaw out squirrel
nutrition facts serviing size
1950 device all of info known to man pictures of cats arguments with strangers
winter storm texas welcome to party pal die hard
media all sides of issues communist socialist liberal progressive
in case banned tech whats your cb handle
disney soviet where dreams we approve come true
nancy pelosi america last illegals first
youtube facebook google twitter paypal kid student liberal agenda
facebook twitter hanging statue of liberty
every patriot trump supporter next 4 years told you so
cartoon how bill becomes law executive order
is facebook censoring liberals not seeing posts how great biden is doing

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet lindsay theisen dating great way dying alone not so bad
tweet mommywatertime therapist face topic for her therapy

Question of the Day

question how alive breathe hug dont social distance walking miracle

Message of the Day

message meet person responsible for success choices actions mirrors

Quote of the Day

quote freedom of speech views you dislike most peter hitchens

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2 thoughts on “02-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The “All sides of the issues” one reminds me of Fox. They have always claimed to be “fair and balanced,” but their definition is quite unique. They would have a discussion about an issue and would have a democrat on promoting a $800,000,000 solution, and a republican on promoting spending only $400,000,000. Never would there be a libertarian on questioning where in the constitution was the legal authority for the federal government to even be involved or spending anything. And that’s how you get where we are today.

    • I don’t disagree with MrLiberty. Am myself a several decades old school libertarian exactly because Democrats and Republicans politicians ignore the constitutional restrictions on their power.
      However the meme is spot on. The problem is MUCH worse with Democrats and liberals. Use to listen to NPR decades ago for music. Turned it on and there was discussion about slavery reparations for Blacks. The 3 person panel, in NPR’s own words, were: A Black progressive, A Black Militant, and a Black Communist.
      NPR’s words, not mine. A housefly could guess how balanced that conversation was. Three housefly could also a more intelligent discussion. Yet, here we are, nearly 3 decades later, and NPR is STILL being illegally and unconstitutionally being paid for by USA taxpayers.

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