02-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

amazing new lipstick helps lose weight gorilla glue
spiderman americans dont use metric system me 5 grams 9mm in pocket
judge realize exposing illegal government is not legal
unstoppable windmill helicopter de icing
anti trump lincoln project bags money swamp
babylon bee journalists cheer gulag run by woman of color
maskdemic masses will believe anything media tells them gullibility
leave biden yard signs up 8.00 gallon gas
babylon bee senator shares new york times article thinking its real
fuck soft america aunt jemima will live in my house forever
joe biden if on the internet and reading this you aint black
trump slapping statue liberty democrats deny video edited
mainstreamm media hollywood tolerance dance rush limbaugh grave

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet sean leahy stethoscope medical emergency assumptions

But He Has Nice Tweets Unlike That Mean Orange Man

joe biden broken pormises fracking china loans stimulus

Quote of the Day

quote george washington freedom of speech taken away dumb silent sheep slaughter

Message of the Day

message indian if government says dont need a gun you need one

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