02-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

go on feel it girl bicep hooter
when teenagers refer 90s music classics oldies whatever skateboard
groundhog yall thought i was playing winter
batman slap new covid strain bullshit
going to bank mask before covid after calling police
liberals any weather even happens jaws gonna need bigger green new deal
stealing property violence murder too rude taxation applause
joe biden masa hat make america suck again
rush limbaugh donald trump living inside democrat heads
trying to be less of asshole today baby steps fuck you
babylon bee democrats follow science union donates most

Definitely Fair and Balanced

cnn msnbc ted cruz vacation vs andrew cuomo nursing home
reporters at trump press conference vs biden burning bowing

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet reagan rose british oreos chocolate sandwich biscuits revolutionary war
tweet robby starbuck study masks hurt schoolchildren

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul disturbing trend only speak up when their team in power liberty gone

Message of the Day

message system cannot be fixed by the system

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