02-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pug heinkein jacket 20 dollars wife
rare remote control picture 70s 80s kid tv
if cant hide crime scene pretend you are victim
cdc recommendation sunny days multiple hats
babylon bee biden announces 100 dollar gallon target
jack kevorkian convicted murder andrew cuomo given emmy
joe biden help texas hunter cracked pipes obama
who world health organization stooges covid wuhan new jersey
not answer i got hand job holding down game show
joe biden picking new cabinet race gender qualifier cards
university diversity inclusion except white males trump supporters conservatives
aoc texas you need more green energy
joe biden obama executive orders kill jobs end border security green new deal bombs

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet average dad kids race me easily beat
tweet wayne lawson ted cruz texas mexico because of ice

Message of the Day

message when tell me cant change world can am will

Quote of the Day

quote candace owens blm black lives matter using face of dead to raise money democrats

Mark Your Calendars

march national stop blaming white people month accept responsibility

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