02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how i feel scroll down to year i was born
no smoking in car with kids freezing outside
me and squad after coke diversity training
another week biden white house obama kamala harris signing
car plugged into windmill now what iced
how did political correctness get out of control campus
babylon bee bill gates warns climate change sacrifices from yacht
office sign dont know how to be less white know how to drink less coke
joe biden iran nuclear deal push pull paris climate

‘Forever’ Is No Longer an Exaggeration

Fauci: Masks, Social Distancing Likely Until 2022

How quickly “just 100 days, not forever” of forced masking has already extended to 2022. Every time the next arbitrary time frame is met, they find a new reason to extend. There will NEVER be zero cases of whatever new Covid or flu strains pop up, so the Ruling Class will always have a reason to extend their medical police state forever until we stand up to them!

It’s Time for Mass Civil Disobedience on Masks – Scott Morefield

hazmat suit be scared of other people not being scared covid
no mask gun shop we shoot people with masks
nothing says voted for joe biden like gas mask facemask vaccine
uncle joe 1984 big tech brother double speak screen

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet pete wharmby why bother educating nazism fascism if not see again

Quote of the Day

quote point of leftwing propaganda to make us feel powerless peter hitchens

Message of the Day

message what does school really teach truth authority compliance

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2 thoughts on “02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Oh my gosh it’s so much worse than that last meme… A school that still encouraged memorizing would be a school still some what interested in education…
    My second grade class consists of go noodle videos, test taking, and listening to the teachers problems, or personal life… Children are used as the sounding board for dysfunctional adults. Teachers have completely neutered themselves. If you’re so important, you can’t take weeks and weeks off… It’s either one or the other. The congregating of the other kids is the only redeemable quality left at schools, and even that is dwindling.. The teachers have collectively rendered themselves even less important than baby sitters yet they complain that that’s all parents see them as. A teenage babysitter is more reliable and more effective than a public school teacher at this stage of the game. Oh that reminds me, my property tax is due… If the kids came home singing a song stuck in there head, (memorization) idealizing the five tyrannical dictators of the past I’d be totally fine with that. At least they learned something real instead of just another day of being the good little despondent. Memorizing times tables is racist now, so I guess that’s out… my neigbor, a child in 8th grade was vigorously calculating in her head, thinking surely she had to prove me wrong when I mentioned that Thanksgiving and Easter don’t have a date to remember, they change each year. She couldn’t believe it. She thought I was lying, to trick her. So memorization is not a bad thing, it’s a good tool to use, so of course the children aren’t getting the chance to do any memorizing at all. All forms of instruction, starting one place and ending someplace else have all gone out the window… It’s is a very much graver situation than strict annoying memorization.., and this all in a “red” state no less.. Wake up. It’s not coming, it’s here. Even the most impossible home/work situations must figure out how to be home schooling. You’re not going to be captured and thrown into a re-education camp, you’re willingly walking your children right into one each day..

    • Laura excellent post. Now look at other segments of OUR society. Property taxes to pay for school, what consequences? Why business licenses, government and trade unions? Purpose of police for crimes without a victim?

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