02-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

man buns dont look like samurai look like soccer mom
when state trooper driving on interstate nascar
shared libertarian views facebook rookie numbers blocked
mainstream media 2020 kids cages 2021 biden safe migrant facilities
michael myers when you kill people they blame it on covid
hillary democrats law is one for you different for us
if you can pretend masks work you can pretend im wearing one
iran death to america let us help you with that obama john kerry
joe biden i will not talk back to the teachers union chalkboard
cdc doctor latest coronavirus vaccine distribution plan maze
babylon bee amazon introduces kindle bonfire burn digital books
mainstream media ted cruz vs cuomo elderly covid swalwell china spy

Every Biden Campaign/Administration Statement of the Past Two Years Summed in One Tweet

tweet kyle good thing lying lie again problem solved joe biden

Now Targeting the Last Remaining Sources of Free Speech

Democrats Send Insane Letter to Cable Carriers and Big Tech, Demanding a Ban on Conservative Media
Tucker Carlson’s Segment on Misinformation Ends with a Brutal Uppercut to CNN

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet anthony first year of quarantine

Quotes of the Day

quote when you elevate victimhood as virtue allie stuckey
quote chuck schumer texas paying price meanwhile every year in california

Message of the Day

message march 1st reopen america weve been played covid lockdown over

Other Links That May Interest You

Justice Thomas: SCOTUS Refusal to Hear PN Election Cases Is ‘Inexplicable’
McCarthy Reveals Shocking Percentage of COVID Relief Bill That Is Actually About COVID-19
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