02-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit rehab commercial comes everyone looks at you
kid defend your answer sarge machine gun
evening news heres what we want you to think
democrats wide load budget pork goodies tiny covid relief
kid cages let me go joe biden kamala harris storage shed
ted cruz cancun media bill clinton epstein 26 trips crickets
media magnifying covid scare
babylon bee after becoming senate budget chair bernie sanders googles what is budget

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet cydni beer sex ed taught 3rd pregnancy

Quote of the Day

quote jair bolsonaro brazil biden is thug elected president is trump

Beyond Parody

The Muppet Show: Disney adds content warning over ‘negative stereotypes’

babylon bee 12 more disney content warning shows
hollywood oscar for equal number of black gay actors
mom politically correct definition giving up opinions to appease whiny crybabies

Message of the Day

message imagine holding exact views teachers politicisn media hollywood corporation opposing system

Other Links That May Interest You

Media Fluffs Biden – Derek Hunter
Blue States Are Now the Beggar States – Stephen Moore
Former New York Times Reporter Shocked by Censorship Liberals Employ Against Conservative Authors
‘Kids In Cages’ Are Back But Being Billed as Something Completely Different

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