03-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if forget safe word calling wrong name usually works
kermit every time make phone call please dont pick up
black brown polar racist bear
cat gun on that day tom had enough jerrys shit
3 masks save grandma anal swap respirator virus 100 gender options hail science
democrats blue state bailout covid relief pelosi lipstick on pig
bin laden set out destroy new york just needed to send cuomo blasio
joe biden bombing kids syria overflow facilities sending to school viruses

Never Trust a Two-Faced Deep State Snake

It Sounds Like McConnell Is Changing His Tune on Donald Trump, Again

Got to Pay Back Globalist & Foreign Government Campaign Contributors

joe biden bomb middle east syria
middle east bombing kamala harris this time historic salute
babylon bee obama awards nobel peace prize to joe biden bombing syria

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet candace owens conspiracy warn no freedom after vaccine

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul real patriotism challenge government when its wrong

Message of the Day

message if i post something dont like ignore like corruption in government

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