03-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

disney camera anyone else see mickey mouse backside
hospital sign gynaecology restaurant taco tuesdays
judging people race gender wrong white supremacist men should get that
latest recommendation dr fauci masks covering entire head
coronavirus vaccine equity board black female asian old guy
hasbro releases gender confused mr potato head
mexico immigration laws compared to arizona
bruce springsteen dui charges dropped democrat privilege
media more excited about trump speech ratings change my mind
dr fauci faucism nazi mask mustache

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet andrew schiavone still cant imagine learning teachers house
tweet blue6oy having teenage daughter haunted house


march is mask burning month spread word make a stand

Quote of the Day

quote obedient always think themselves virtuous rather than cowardly facemasks

Message of the Day

message day people understand image change little fish eating shark

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