03-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

english teacher children in dark make mistakes
victoria secret banned breastfeeding not what boobs are for
mr potato head vs gender head
america more votes cast than registered voters youre racist
joe biden not gonna donate my salary will donate yours
indians sick of white man branding heritage include casinos
sheep social distance masks isolate vaccinate normal any day now
biden blaming trump for kurdish genocide ignoring china
babylon bee find 17 examples racism dr seuss
liberals biden harris minimum wage stimulus student loan best i can do bombing syria

Social Media Post of the Day

mewe live in world more offended opinions that government lies censorship controlled

Quote of the Day

quote rush limbaugh america is worth fighting for not giving up

Message of the Day

message not a conspiracy theory when you have proof

Traces of Freedom in America?

tweet gavin newsom texa mandate governor not about to be recalled
tweet steve deace welcome masking branch covidian

Abandon Ship! 16 Governors Scramble To End Lockdowns, Mask Mandates

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