03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont buy weed from easter bunny
star trek bought shoes from drug deal laced with tripping all day
snowflakes couldnt handle 80s clay kinison murphy carlin
dr seuss biden stole election snitches get stitches
joe biden eliminating covid neanderthal thinking cuomo
what disney prince looks like compared to real life
elon musk best carbon capture homer simpson tree
supreme court thoughts election biden trump
mr potato head where does say name mr shapiro
queen when you spend millions royal wedding wife bitches on oprah

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet slate never understand fast lane speed limit crime
tweet ginny hogan people never call you fat used to be
tweet rachel mccartney millenials yelling at gen z get off parents lawn

The Most Popular President in U.S. History

kmala joe biden hundreds watch youtube

Quote of the Day

quote reason democrats dont like guns government not free wesley austin

Question of the Day

question why tax has no bearing on government spending debt

Message of the Day

message of the day americas greatest enemies mainstream media big tech

It’s Not That Complicated

dont like mask schools restaurants you do me freedom in america

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One thought on “03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Homer presenting the tree is great, but a hemp plant would be even better. Hemp is one of the greatest biomass plants on earth. One of the best things Trump did was relegalize hemp cultivation at the federal level. Sadly as with all government relegalization efforts, there are still so many regulatory hurdles that cultivation is still quite challenging and frought with challenges, fees, and paperwork, all with severe legal penalties for mistakes.

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