03-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

quarantine life capri sun bicardi rum
ben eyeroll when you live in multi dog house someone rings doorbell
has to be better way to package pans dicks
betty white suppose crazy cancel culture want me to change name
ronald reagan mr pelosi tear down political prop wall dc
twilight zone imagine virus so deadly doesnt affect those who dont give shit
covid vaccine chasers andrew cuomo sexual accusers

Is THERE Anything Leftists Vote for That Isn’t Anti-Freedom?

5 Republicans Vote with Democrats to Pass the Anti-freelancing Bill Known as the PRO Act

hr1 pelosi illegals no id not registered
japan ussr fail to destroy america thanos ill do it myself

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet david simon visual metaphors of america
tweet catturd 2 kind of people embarrassed by joe biden those who lie about it

Question of the Day

question which one is real entitlement congressional benefits social security

Quote of the Day

quote rand paul government sent 1.1. million dead people stimulus checks how many absentee

Message of the Day

message sign just want to have unprotected air again

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