03-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids complaining 5 second netflix us dialing attempt internet
wink colleges to 18 year olds take out loans make so much money
when anyone mentions royal family dont give a shit
cancel culture hey kids want banned books videos trunk car
pelosi schumer 2 trillion blue state bailout robberty
supreme court justices barrett kavanaugh roberts pledge allegiance to swamp
why government spying on everyone paranoid conspiracy theorists afraid of own citizens
joe jill biden no gender now two idiots in white house

Message of the Day

message when executive orders cause gas food increase you taxed middle class

In Case You Thought the Covid Fascists Would Ever Ease Up

My wife is a nurse at an outpatient surgery center. Yesterday, she admitted a patient who already had Covid and recovered. This patient also received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine. The patient, as required by the surgery center, just tested negatively for Covid and self-isolated for 7 days prior to coming into the office. Yet, following CDC requirements, the staff still had to force mask & socially distance her.

hail science candles

So if you hear anyone say, “If XXXXXX and XXXXXX happen, the government will let us go back to normal,” just roll your eyes and ignore them. We must take our freedom back! We will NEVER be able to return if we wait for government & big business to say so. Never! Never! Never!

liberals put me family risk not wearing mask you mindlessly obey government media
babylon bee liberal obediently awaits cdc permission to breathe

Los Angeles Teachers Union’s Proposed Solution for ‘In Person’ Learning is a Complete Joke

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jesse kelly pro tip another panic system shown you will comply

Quote of the Day

quote nowadays only time politician telling truth calls other politician liar

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