03-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Andrew Cuomo Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fun thing to do google search random animal fetishes spouse ads
dad kid dodgeball trampoline kid deserves
kamala harris measuring oval office biden what am i signing
democrats wrecking ball biden statue of liberty
dr seuss fauci lying rat in the hat
iran china play joe biden like a fiddle
annoying white guys dont speak mimes joe biden
cant buy dr seuss on amazon mein kampf hitler still available

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet shaquille oneal new boat free throw wont ever sink

Question of the Day

question wonder why biden trudeau globalists dumber they are easier to control

Lesson of the Day

lesson teaching economics grammar kids covid stimulus debt

Luckily All Her Questions Come from the Weak-Minded

babylon bee jen psaki no crisis at border jedi mind trick

Quote of the Day

quote robespierre secret freedom education tyranny keep them ignorant

Message of the Day

message people not bothered by no mask youre disobedient shines light on their weakness

Hile, Der Fuhrer

In First Major Speech, Biden Lectures Americans About What They “Can and Cannot Do”

joe biden if you obey may celebrate independence day swanson have bill of rights permit

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