03-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gas pump questions freezing shining jack nicholson
camera catches looters stealing trillions congress
covid restrictions affect personality hissing
me after watching 5 minutes news enough for today
2nd amenment explained women america muslim burkas
joe biden 1400 stimulus whos paying stealing taxes kids money
governor cuomo merci pepe le pew cancelled
mask covid how could germany let it get like that
joe biden border crisis kids cages media aoc see speak no evil
joe biden might allow you to celebrate quote freedom by 4th of july
dorothy have feeling not in america anymore toto
babylon bee cuomo invites all sex accusers stay in ny nursing home

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet logan autocorrect like stop it whore work

Question of the Day

question dr fauci why so silent covid risk opening border

Quote of the Day

quote problem isnt access truth most people dont want to hear

Message of the Day

message if dont think humanity under mind control reaction think freely or be free

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